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It's Gorgeous O'clock

Metro's Signature Blowdry Bar
Blowout Bar Metro Style Hair Salon

Making Fabulous an Understatement

Blowouts + Style

Feel fabulous everyday at Metro Style Bar's blowout bar. Our salon is decked out with a luxurious, full-length bar, perfect for open space while getting pampered. 

Get ready for an event or simply leave the effort of styling your hair to our experts. Whatever your feelin', we got what you need.

The Secret Steps to an Iconic Blowout

1. Get Bubbly

We take “lather, rinse, repeat” seriously. Relax as your stylist begins with a deep shampoo and conditioning wash. Finished off with a light towel dry. Clean hair is key to a lasting blowout!​

2. The Power of Products

Protected hair is happy hair. Your stylist will apply some volumizing and strengthening products to prepare your hair for a fresh new look.

3. VIP Section(ing)

We’re here to handle your hair, one layer at a time! In order to achieve the best blowout, your stylist will go section by section for perfection.

4. Begin to Be Blown Away

Using a high-performance dryer and some fancy brushes, your stylist will begin working their magic. Get ready to exceed your #hairgoals.

5. A Bit Breezy

Now it’s time for a quick “cool shot”. No, not that kind. After your hair is blown out, a hint of cool air is added to lock in your style and seal the deal.

6. The Grande Finale

Like icing on the cake, it’s all about the finishing touches. Complete your look with products to define dimension and texture. Now the world is yours! 

Let's do this more often, shall we?

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